Haiku for Life

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Life is summed up as
A limited time offer
Spend it as YOU wish


Shh, existing.

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Why my home practice isn’t cutting it

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This rings SO true for Capoeira as well, so true.


Written 12 July, 2016

This is about yoga, but it could equally well be about dance or Pilates or whatever. It’s also about being an introvert and being single, I guess.

As I mentioned in my recent outbreak of navel-gazing (as if I do anything else :P), I’ve recently got a new job for paying-for-the-lifestyle-to-which-I’ve-become-accustomed reasons. It’s a great job and I enjoy it and I feel very blessed to have landed it so quickly after starting to look.

But let’s be honest, I have joined the ranks of the 40-hour-a-week-office-workers, and that has meant less space in my schedule to geek out over movement.

I’ve had to rationalise my morning ritual to under an hour for journaling, yoga, and meditation, and while I’m still feeling my way into my new lifestyle, I’m not always making it to yoga class every week, let alone the minimum of three classes per week…

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Winter Green, hearty and hale (this thing is the size of my fingernail)

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Somedays I Am Late To Capoeira Classes*

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*And some days I let myself upload an uncropped, unfussed over image…some days.

Asterisk Gets Higher, I Make More Observations.

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Usually the asterisk * thingy is put beside a word in a book to let ya know there’s a footnote or further info to read down at the bottom of the page, which is also marked with an asterisk * thingy.

I get it now!



Made In Japan

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Once upon a time
A short form of poetry
Departed Japan