Paws to Sniff The Flowers

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Bananeira Practice (Handstands that is, not banana practice)

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It’s Meditative, Innit?

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My health (high blood pressure resulting in super swollen feet, recovering from cracked ribs, blah blah blah) hadn’t been so good so sometimes I need to sit in lotus, grab the tools of the trade and get shit undone.


Haiku Stuff

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I need to be rid of this
Or maybe I don’t

Writing a haiku
Counting out the syllables
Five seven and five.*

Hand on the rudder
My thoughts sail over to you
Hah innuendo.

*Sneakily teaching
The art of writing haiku
Time for chocolate now

My Connection Between Shred Guitar and Fancy Hooping In A Performance Setting (Contains Cussin’)

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Guitar Playing.

When I play guitar for myself or other guitar players I, to put it poetically, blaze like a mad fucker, playing as fast as I can and as fancy as I can. Other guitar players (who aren’t reactionary sticks in the mud) dig it as they understand what I’m doing so I totally play to them and play for me as I LOVE that shit, it’s like talking a common language with people you’re super comfy with.
However, when I’m playing to the public or pub/bar patrons I play slower, with more note bends and with pauses between phrases so humans* can keep up with me, I DO drop some speedy passages in there, makes the humans* go ‘Oooh! That was neato, I liked that but please, that’s enough as I appreciate it but don’t understand it so need you to get back on track so we can get back to singing along with your singer but in a different key than him with¬† lyrics to an entirely different song because, well, we’re drunk WOOHOO!”

Example A. Myself in Mad Fucker Mode.

Example B. Myself NOT Mad Fucker Mode


Although I don’t personally get into doing fancy 900 part combos myself I LOVE to watch them and see what the youngsters can do as I know that shit and understand that shit and dig that shit, like totally and seriously, I LOVE IT!!!
When it’s hooping for humans*¬† I have seen some absolutely amazing and wonderful videos of performances and busking/street performers by some super amazing hoopers where, in comments and discussions later, other hoopers frown and ask “why were the audience/public not interested in that dope/sick/neato/etc hooping performance? They just GOlf Clapped, OMG! Some people glanced over but walked on by!!! Did they not just see that escalator to wedgie to halo to sixteen-beat-wave to back-to-front-to-side-to-top body roll while doing continuous butterfly kicks? That shit was dope/sick/neato etc, why did they woohoo the loudest about when the hooper was simply waist hooping?

Yeah, About then is when I made the connection, humans* like stuff they can understand and *follow* as not everybody is into super fancy and want something they can easily understand. Most circus hoopers already know this, which is why they have big pauses in their routines, watch, absorb, move on to the next part. Simple but it definitely works.

Picking your moves, or notes, for your audience, an art in itself.

*Non hoopers/musicians




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